Your signature represents the inner you. When you are about to sign, you will mentally visualize the name in a particular way whose impression is stored in your brain. Your fingers and hand movement then stimulates the nerves of the brain in such a way that the signature is stored in your sub conscious. This is the reason most of the people will never be willing to change their signature. Hence, good or bad strokes in your signature will put you into good or bad situations. First, let us analyze to know which qualities in the signature are good and which are bad. After that, we can understand how to put a signature in a better way to attract luck.

Compare the signature with the body of the written script

Generally a signature is written below some text. So, the signature is inseparable from the written script. When compared to the text, if the signature is standing out and its letters are slightly bigger, then you have a high esteem of your self You have a good confidence on your abilities.

If the signature is smaller when compared to the body of the text, then you have inferiority or setting a low value for yourself.

Placement of signature with respect to the body of written text

Normally, the signature should be placed at the right hand side below the written text. If the signature is placed at the left side, then it shows the person wants to escape from the surroundings and troubles. If the signature is narrow and small, then the person is under severe depression. This type of signature is seen in the people who commit suicide.

When the signature is at extreme right side of the page, then the person has no patience and of critical mind.